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At Wheatley Estates we work very hard to help you stay in control of your move, whether you’re selling or buying a property. We are the local property experts who are passionate about making the process as simple and stress free for you as possible.

Property is what we do, all day, every day and so we bring our expertise to bear to make your move a success.

We will conduct a valuation on your property, handle viewings and negotiations on your behalf and make sure your property is marketed properly. We will strive to achieve the best possible price for your property and find the best buyer, thereby avoiding disappointment and stress from less serious potential buyers.

On top of this we will also be able to offer you plenty of advice along the way. This includes guidance on conveyancing and putting you in touch with other trusted professionals such as architects, surveyors, mortgage advisors and removal firms.

Before you accept any valuations, please read this:

  • It is so easy for an Agent to arrive at your home during a valuation and give you an over inflated figure to impress you and persuade you to sign on the dotted line. But if you put your property on the market at too high a price it can be a very expensive mistake in terms of both time and money.
  • So when you receive a valuation, STOP. Before you decide to use the agent with the highest valuation ask them to justify their pricing, what supporting information do they have to verify their figures?
  • When a buyer makes an offer they will (in almost all cases) ask for a survey and valuation, even if they don't need a mortgage. One of the first things their surveyor will do is try to justify that selling price by looking at market comparables.
  • Inconsistencies here will almost certainly result in a buyer withdrawing and your home going back on the market which can be damaging to your potential to achieve the best possible price. The irony is, over inflated asking prices can result in lower final selling prices!
  • Part of our pricing process is to extensively research what other similarly specified properties have sold for as well as what potential buyers are likely to pay for the individual features that your home offers. On top of that our intimate knowledge of the local market means we understand just what the unique aspects of your home can be worth to those wanting to live in the area.
  • Of course, we recognise that you may want to ‘play the market’ a little, particularly in a rising market and when you are not in a hurry to move and we are happy to advise on that before commencing marketing, it’s just that we would rather start off our relationship in an open and honest way with a realistic figure that you could expect to achieve. Don't forget though, if you are waiting for a rising market to catch up with your higher price you will most likely be paying more for your next home too!

Discover what your property is worth

Whether you’re wanting to organise a fast sale or just curious what your property is worth in the current market, we’d be delighted to carry out a marketing appraisal on your property. It doesn’t take very long, just a 20-30 minute visit where we can discuss your objectives, we can quickly review the property and so take into account everything that will affect its value.

Immediately afterwards we will compile a marketing proposal that details what we believe is the best price and strategy to sell your property and meet your objectives for your move. We’ll drop this off again in person so you get it as soon as possible.

Eco-Friendly Property Solutions

Solar Panels

Our solar panels provide power during the day, all year round. See here for more information.

Electric Car

Being in the car for so much of the time we found that we were using a lot of petrol. A electric hybrid seemed to be the perfect answer - see here for more information.

We had two estate agents selling it, Wheatley estate agents were leagues ahead with every aspect of the sale, from how they showed clients round, to how dad was treated through every step of the sale.
As a local estate agent the personal touch spoke volumes compared to the cold, uncaring attitude we experienced from the larger High street chain. David went the extra mile and I thank you very much.
Through the whole process David, Julie and Sue were always there at the end of the phone, they gave us regular updates, chased solicitors constantly on our behalf until the sale was completed. It is one of the most stressful things in life, but if you have a team behind you like this then it really does help and they really do bend over backwards for their clients and have your best interest at heart.
David and his team were extremely helpful and professional throughout the sale of our property. Even when our sale collapsed they were back on the case and we sold again within one day! Would recommend them to anyone.
We had a great experience buying a house marketed through Wheatley estates. David was endlessly helpful through what proved to be quite a complicated purchase.

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